Camping OK La Rivetta is divided into two main areas and develops various terraces surrounded by the green woods of the nature reserve of the Piano Lake. Torino street, Bruxelles street and Amsterdam street make up the lower part of the camp-site, and are exactly near the lake. In Amsterdam Street you will find a tunnel that will take you easily to the main part of the camp-site, where all facilities are.
Via Bruxelles Our pitches are quite wide (they are about 55/60 meters square) and very shadowy, thanks to the large number of trees placed on the whole area of the camp-site.
Via BruxellesVia Amsterdam
Via Torino

Each pitch is supplied with a 4 Amp current-tap (European model). Not far from each pitch you will find small fountains, while just close to the beach some showers have been installed. During the high season (July and August) only reservations envisaging at least a one-week stay will be accepted. No deposit is required to confirm the reservation of the pitch. Every modification or cancellation of the reservation must be reported to the Management at least 30 days before the foreseen arrival date. The pitches will be assigned from the Management, without possibility of claims, cancellations or demands for compensation.

However, the Management will do its best to assign the pitch in the requested area, as for the available free place. Once assigned, it is not possible to change the pitch on the arrival day. The day of departure, the pitch must be left free before 10 o'clock in the morning.

Via ZurigoVia Torino